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Welcome to the BIA Wellness Center’s Intimacy Collective, a series of intimate gatherings where we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of open dialogue, authentic connections, and genuine exploration of the lifestyle community, including consensual, ethical non-monogamy.

Women’s Empowerment:

Effective Communication: Key to a Healthy Lifestyle Relationship

Openness and Honesty: Strengthening Bonds and Experiences

Self-Evaluation: Enhancing Memorable Experiences

Consent is the Golden Rule:

We Specialize in

Intimacy Collective for the Non-Monogamy Relationship


Open Communication of desires and boundries between the couple is essential in experiencing a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Trust in your Partner

Trusting your partner is developed by open and honest communication, which creates the link between us that cannot be broken.

Embrace the Word No!

Identifying together the experiences you want and the boundaries your relationship needs empowers you to confidently say no to advances that don’t align with your established wants and needs.

Women's Empowerment

As important as it is for a women to feel empowered to make her own decisions concerning her needs and desires within the lifestyle, it is vitally imporatnt for the men to support the women to feel empowered. Happy Wife, Happy Life…

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True Ambassadors of the Ethical Non-Monogamy Lifestyle


Co-Founder & Host
Email : contact.us@biawellnesscenter.com


Co-Founder & Host
Email : contact.us@biawellnesscenter.com


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Fill out an online application and create a profile. Once accepted you can select a plan and activate your membership. Membership is required for all Club gatherings. Members also have access to our Members Platform of 3000+ like minded couples and individuals, network, socialize, post messages, photos and videos.

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Reading Ethical Non-Monogamy
Great Deep Dive
Consensual nonmonogamy (CNM) means that all partners in a relationship consent to expanded monogamy or polyamory. Clinicians are on the front line in providing support for the estimated millions pioneering these modern relationships.
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BIA Vida Productions, Inc. is a proud certified member of the United Lifestylers Association, Inc. We encourage all of the ENM Community to get involved.
Dr. Jessica O'Reilly
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Mindblowing sex isn’t just about intercourse—it is about titillating all of the body’s hot spots and erogenous zones to peak arousal and build amazing orgasms. Hot Sex Tips, Tricks and Licks teaches readers how to use their hands, fingers, and tongue to build and prolong arousal, control ejaculation, and give their partner (and themselves) incredible orgasms.

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